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At the Turn of an Era: Greek East contexts of Italian Art and Material Culture, 14th-16th Centuries

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Colloque international At the Turn of an Era: Greek East contexts of Italian Art and Material Culture, 14th-16th Centuries, Institut grec de Venise, 24-26 novembre 2023.

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24 November 2023
9:30- 9.35 The Organizing Committee Welcoming remarks
Anthi ANDRONIKOU, A History of Contact: Art in Italy and Cyprus of the Late Middle Ages
10.00-10.10 Questions-Discussion

1st SESSION – Italian Art in Italy and the Levant
Chair: Paschalis ANDROUDIS
10.10- 10.25 Lenia KOUNENI, Exploring transcultural relations in a late Dugento triptych
10.25- 10.40 Theodoros IOSIPHIDIS, Aspects of the pictorial themes of the complex of Santa Maria Novella in Florence
10.40- 10.55 Pippa SALONIUS, Dendro-centric Messaging and Sylvan Signs: Borrowing from the Book of Nature in the Byzantine Empire and Central Italy
10.55-11.05 Break
11.05- 11.20 Silvia PEDONE, "Wrapping writing": the use of the pseudo-kufic in the figurative art
11.20- 11.35 Chiara CONCINA, Between East and West: monstrous races and infidels in the illuminations of the Cocharelli codex (14th c.)
11.35- 11.50 Mabi ANGAR, The Cocharelli Codex (14th Cent.) as a Source for the Material Culture of a Genoese Merchant Family in the Eastern Mediterranean
11.50- 12.05 Margarita VOULGAROPOULOU, From Venice to Crete and back: The multiple lives of an icon from Harvard Art Museums
12.05- 12.30 Questions- Discussion
12.30- 12.40 Coffee Break

2nd SESSION – Italian Art in continental and insular Greece
12.40- 12.55 Magdalena GARNCZARSKA, Not only Dionysius of Fourna. Some remarks on the reception of Italian treatises on art in Greece and Balkans
12.55- 13.10 Konstantinos GRAVANIS, Raphael’s Network in Greece
13.10- 13.25 Ianthi ASSIMAKOPOULOU, Massacre of the Innocents: Sources and Interpretation
13.25- 13.40 Sofia ZOITOU, Italian Art in Hospitaller Rhodes: Contextualizing the Wall Paintings of the Church of Saint George Chostos
13.40- 13.55 Nicolas VARAINE, Greek, Latin, or Both? The Female Saints of Venetian Crete in Context
13.55- 14.25 Questions- Discussion
14.25- 17.00 Lunch Break

Chair: Nikolaos KONTOGIANNIS
17.00- 17.15 Stavros MAMALOYKOS, Nikolaos DELINIKOLAS, The Dominican Monastery Church of SS Mary and Dominic (Hagia Paraskevi) in Chalcis / Negroponte. History and Architecture
17.15- 17.30 Nikolaos DELINIKOLAS, Panagiotis TOULIATOS, Androniki MILTIADOU-FEZANS, Eleftheria TSAKANIKA
Decoration and Constructional Analysis of the Trusses of Hagia Paraskevi, Chalcis
17.30- 17.45 Alexandra KOSTARELLI, A Medieval statue unearthed near the church of Hagia Paraskevi in Chalkis, Euboea
17.45- 18.00 Paschalis ANDROUDIS, A unique sculpture in the Church of Hagia Paraskevi in Chalcis
18.00- 18.10 Break
18.10- 18.25 Eleftheria TSAKANIKA, Georgios KOYRMADAS, Study and reconstruction of the Venetian gothic ceiling of the “bailo house” from medieval Negroponte
18.25- 18.40 Andrew BLACKLER, The Medieval Towers of Central Greece: Byzantine inspiration or Latin construct?
18.40- 18.55 Dimitra PETROU, Iconographic peculiarities in the monumental painting of Euboea under Venetian rule: The cases of the churches of Ηagios Ioannis at Kastella and the Holy Apostles at Vounoi
18.55- 19.15 Questions- Discussion
19.15- 19.45 KEYNOTE LECTURE
Karen MATHEWS, Mediterranean Materiality: Cultural Appropriation, and a Shared Visual Language across the Sea

4th SESSION – Italian icons, icon frames, maps and isolaria
19.45- 20.00 Maria XENARIOU, Places and Time in the Illustration of Italian Maps and Isolaria, 15th-16th. c. Finopoulos Collection- Benaki Museum
20.00- 20.15 Mara VERYKOKOY, Italian woodcarved frames on post-byzantine icons, from the collection of the Benaki Museum
20.15- 20.30 Elena PAPASTAVROU, Two Venetian Icons in Greece
20.30- 20.45 Agathoniki TSILIPAKOU, Venetian and Byzantine Art: osmosis and interaction through the Icons' Collection of Museum of Byzantine Culture (Thessaloniki)
20.45- 21.00 Questions- Discussion

DAY 2 Saturday, 25 November 2023
5th SESSION – Architecture and artistic Production in the Venetian Levant
Chair: Jenny ALBANI
9.30- 9.45 Livia BEVILACQUA, Artistic Production and Circulation in the Venetian Levant in the Late Middle Ages: Some Remarks through the Archival Documents
9.45- 10.00 Brendan OSSWALD, L’influence italienne sur l’art épirote (XIIIe-XVe siècle)
10.00- 10.15 Aineias OIKONOMOU, Flora BOUGIATIOTI 15th- 16th century Venetian Stone reliefs in the Kastron of
10.15- 10.30 Athanasios KOTSAKIS, Sculptures from the Franciscan’s monastery (Frarò) at Naxos
10.30- 10.35 Break
10.35- 10.50 Anna GIALOURI, The so-called Episkopi at Skopelos: The Venetian presence in Northern Sporades
10.50- 11.05 Nektaria LAINAKI, The surviving Venetian buildings in the province of Kissamos, in Western Crete
11.05- 11.20 Didem İŞLER, Venetian lazzarettos in the Ionian Sea in the documents of the Venice State Archive
11.20- 11.35 Eleni MANOLESSOU, The Venetians at Acrocorinth (1687-1715). Sculptural testimonies
11.35- 12.05 Questions- Discussion
12.05- 12.15 Coffee Break

6th SESSION – Genoese and other Latins in the East. Politics, culture and heraldry
Chair: Paschalis ANDROUDIS
12.15- 12.30 Ekaterini MITSIOU, Τhe presence of Latins in Constantinople and Pera in the 13th to 15th centuries
12.30- 12.45 Enrico BASSO, The Genoese in the "Land of the Romans": economy, politics, and culture in Medieval Aegean
12.45- 13.00 Paschalis ANDROUDIS, Eleftheria KONSTANTINIDOU, The fortifications of the Gattilusio in Samothraki (1431- 1454/1455)
13.00- 13.15 Rafał QUIRINI-POPŁAWSKI, Santa Maria della Misericordia della Cisterna in Pera. A Benedictine monastery between East and West
13.15- 13.30 Luca ORLANDI, The Built Environmental Heritage left in the former Genoese town of Galata
13.30- 13-35 Break
13.35- 13.50 Ioanna KOUKOUNI, Renaissance art from Chios island: Genoese stone carvings
13.50- 14.05 Hasan Sercan SAĞLAM, Revisiting the Genoese Lapidary Inventory in Istanbul
14.05- 14.20 Elena YAROVAYA, Heraldic Monuments of the Genoese colonies in North Black Sea Region
14.20- 14.50 Questions-Discussion
14.50- 17.00 Lunch Break

7th SESSION – Ottomans and Italian Art (14th-16th centuries)
17.00- 17.15 Ergün LAFLI, A hoard of coins of Frankish Greece from Thyatira (western Turkey)
17.15- 17.30 Michele BERNARDINI, A portrait of Bayezid I in the painting cycle of St. Ladislaus in Naples?
17.35- 17.45 Paschalis ANDROUDIS, Athanasios GOURIDIS, Italian Art in an Ottoman mosque in Greece?
17.45- 18.00 Sotiris VOYADJIS, The Italian Renaissance Door Frame at Suleimaniye Camii in Rhodos
18.00- 18.15 Defne Naz KUT, Victories and Defeats: Messenia between Venice and the Ottoman Empire in Venetian Prints and Engravings
18.15- 18.45 Questions- Discussion
18.45- 19.00 Break

8th SESSION – Italy and Cyprus- Artistic relations (15th-16th c.)
Chair: Dimitris LIAKOS
19.00- 19.15 Netice YILDIZ, Domestic Architecture of the Italians in Cyprus during the 14th -16th Centuries
19.15- 19.30 Tassos PAPACOSTAS, Relief carving in Venetian Cyprus: ‘Made in Venice’ or ‘Made in Cyprus’?
19.30- 19.45 Christodoulos HADJICHRISTODOULOU, Italian painting works in Cyprus (14th-16th c.)
19.45- 20.00 Konrad WANIEWSKI, Italian patterns in frescoes from the church of Panagia Pantanassa in Choulou
20.00- 20.30 Questions- Discussion

DAY 3 Sunday, 26 November 2023
9th SESSION – Venetian and Genoese monumental sculpture in the Aegean
Chair: Ioanna KOUKOUNI
9.30- 9.45 Angeliki TZAVARA, Material culture in Venetian Messenia through Archival documentation, 14th-15th Centuries
9.45- 10.00 Maria VAKONDIOU, Effigies, sculls and coat of arms: funerary sculpture in Venetian Crete
10.00- 10.15 Cristina STANCIOIOU, Commemorative Art in Venetian Crete: Italian or Italianate?
10.15- 10.30 Petroula VARTHALITOU, Monumental fountains in Venetian Crete: significant artistic sculptures and their role in the open public space
10.30- 10.45 Katerina MANOUSOU-NTELLA, Elements of building decoration in the urban architecture of the Italian districts of the Burgos of Rhodes. A first approach
10.45- 11.15 Questions- Discussion
11.15- 11.25 Coffee Break

10th SESSION – Italian textiles in the East, 14th-15th c.
Chair: Michela AGAZZI
11.25- 11.40 Marielle MARTINIANI-REBER, Décors et tissus italiens dans le monde byzantin à l’époque Paléologue
11.40- 11.55 Christos KARYDIS, The Sakkos of Ioannis Tzimiskis: an influential garment
11.55- 12.10 Stella FRIGERIO-ZENIOU, «Dal primo fino all’ultimo»: clothing fashion in Venetian Cyprus
12.10- 12.30 Questions-Discussion

11th SESSION – Italian works of minor arts in the East
12.30- 12.45 Michela AGAZZI, Da Venezia al Monte Athos: preziosi strumenti di preghiera
12.45- 13.00 Dimitris LIAKOS, The Venetian crystal rock reliquary at the monastery of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos
13.00- 13.15 Andrea MISSAGIA, Exploring Late Byzantine Goldsmithing (14th-16th Centuries): Translucent Enamel Decorations and Cross-Cultural Artistic Exchange
13.15- 13.30 Theocharis TSAMPOURAS, Luxury Aesthetics and Condensed Iconographies: The Milutin Diptych reconsidered as an Artifact of Venetian Trade Culture
13.30- 14.00 Questions- Discussion
14.00- 17.00 Lunch Break

12th SESSION – Italian Ceramics in Eastern Mediterranean
Chair: Anastasia YANGAKI
17.00- 17.15 Sauro GELICHI, Italy abroad. New research on late and post-medieval Italian ceramics exported to the Mediterranean
17.15- 17.30 Anastasia YANGAKI, The study of Italian pottery in Greece: remarks and future research directions
17.30- 17.45 Stephania SKARTSIS, Italian imported pottery in Negroponte (Chalcis, Greece): discussion and comparative study
17.45- 18.00 Eleni KANAKI, Imported Italian Ceramics in Herakleion, Crete
18.00- 18.10 Break
18.10- 18.25 Sevinç GÖK, Akın ERSOY, Italian Ceramics Found in Smyrna/İzmir Agora
18.25- 18.40 Zeynep MERIÇ, The role of Italian Maiolica and other ceramics from Smyrna Agora in the ceramic trade between the Ottomans and Italy
18.40- 18.55 Edna J. STERN, Venetian Pottery Narratives: Tracing Pilgrims and Merchants in the Holy Land (14th-16th centuries)
18.55- 19.10 Questions- Discussion
19.10- 19.20 Break

13th SESSION – Italian material culture in the East
Chair: Paschalis ANDROUDIS
19.20- 19.35 Anastasios ANTONARAS, Italian Glass Vessels in the Ottoman Balkans
19.35- 19.50 Eleni BARMPARITSA, Italian influences on the dependence of the mounted warriors of the Latin States of Greece (13th-15th centuries)
19.50- 20.05 Angeliki PANOPOULOU, Made of Cretan timber and with Italian decoration: Testimonies for the production of chests in Venetian Crete
20.05- 20.20 Paschalis ANDROUDIS, Eleftheria KONSTANTINIDOU, Venetian secular woodcarvings in Greece (15th-16th c.)
20.20- 20.40 Questions- Discussion