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Bulletin of the Ithacan Historical Society, n° 1 (2023)


Parution du premier Bulletin de l'Ithacan Historical Society.

Contenu :

I. CHESSELL, The British Ionian Consul and Ithaca: The letters of Consul Spiridion Foresti and Ithacan afairs
G. LIVITSANIS, The village of Stravonikou and the population of Ithaca in the 1583 census of Kastrofylakas: Re-reading an old source in search of Venetian Ithaca
K.NIKIAS, Sources for the history of Ithaca after antiquity: ca. 530–1500 [REGESTA ITHACAE HISTORIAE, I]
Δ.Β. ΠΡΕΒΕΖΙΑΝΟΣ, Ψάχνοντας για την Ιθάκη στις απαρχές της βενετικής κυριαρχίας: 1500–1600 [REGESTA ITHACAE HISTORIAE, II]
G. PAXINOS-KALATZIS, Passage to Ithaca (Second Edition): A presentation by the author.

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